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We have collected a number of interesting questions on gardening and will be posting them on this page.

CATERPILLARS: For the past two days these caterpillars have been invading my beech tree.  Answer: CATERPILLAR

GRAPE VINE:A gardener has a grapevine against her house which is established but not fruiting. Answer: GRAPE VINE

PAGODA DOGWOOD & MEADOW RUE: Attached are pictures of my pagoda dogwoods and meadow rue.  Does anyone know what is turning the leaves red and causing them to shrivel up?  I am worried. Answer: PAGODA DOGWOOD/MEADOW RUE

PEONY: I have a peony seedling which started to sprout from a seed which I collected from one of peony bushes in the fall of 2011…   Answer: PEONY

PLANT TAGS: When I am buying plants,I always read the information on the attached tag, but I don’t always know what it means. Can you help? ANSWER: PLANT TAGS

POTTED PLANT IDENTIFICATON: I received a potted plant from some friends recently and am completely flummoxed as to what the plants are.  Answer: POTTED PLANT IDENTIFICATON

SAMBUCUS NIGRA: I have an elderberry “Black Lace”. How do I prune it to maintain an attractive shape? I have tried pruning to the ground but it still did not develop a good shape.  I have checked out the internet but found no information regarding shaping.  Answer: SAMBUCUS NIGRA

SHADE PLANT RECOMMENDATIONS:I for have a question on plants in Zone 4 Shade gardens for you. I am planning to add a number of shade loving plants to my shade garden this spring and wonder if any of you have any experience with the following plants… Answer: SHADE PLANT RECOMMENDATIONS

SNOWBALL TREE: We had a major storm here in Quebec recently and my Snowball tree has been severely wounded with several limbs torn off and there are gaping wounds where this has happened. What is the best way to deal with this? Answer: SNOWBALL TREE DAMAGE

SWEET WOODRUFF:  We wonder if you could help us identify this critter that is destroying our Sweet Woodruff from below the ground?  Answer: SWEET WOODRUFF PESTS

ZUCCHINI SQUASH:  Why are my zucchini squash only producing male flowers?     Answer:  ZUCCHINI SQUASH

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